A Bar\Restaurant


Running a busy bar or restaurant is competative and time consuming. And tiring. Long hours.

Despite the dreams of your customers we know all too well that the hours are long with cleaners, deliveries, markets, preparation and of course closing up. And then there is the paperwork.

You know a website is important but you have very little time. Let us also tell you an up to date website is important. People visiting your establishment that have found you on the net will have certain ideas from your website.

Design. It is important. Here is an example of bad design:

Too much going on. Brick wall background. Links that are just underlines and so on.

With our system you will simply not have this worry. You just need to think about what to say.

And it is all very Google Friendly to help making sure people see your site.

To see how easy it is add or change menu items look at this page which is from our profiles:


and What's On and drinks are just as easy as well!