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TDB's Award Winning White Label Site.
We know you will be impressed!

We at TDB Towers (more like a shed) were musing over the fact that many site building programs or tools are quite complicated and have some real disadvantages.

They can be very complex to set up and even more complex to style. So what do you do? Go to an agency and page a very large amount for something that is, quite honestly, a well known package with a bought in template. This can run to thousands.

So we decided to have a little think as we have had many requests for a simple site.

We had some requirements in mind:

    the client should be able to amend the content themselves - easily
    pages should be added or deleted by the client in real time
    images should be uploaded or removed by the client very easily
    everything should be dynamic so it is real time
    it should be extremely flexible
    it should be easy
    it should be very secure

A tall order but we are proud that we have accomplished that.

We are using the latest techniques to ensure that the sites are simple, secure, flexibile and efficent.

The potentials are enormous and you might find this a little overwhelming so we are in the process of developing specific examples which will help you choose.

By the way with the exception of the videos everything was written used with software in the White Label Site. No cheating.

Why not watch the short video above and you will get a real flavour of what can and cannot be done, then go around the pages and see what you like.

It's rather a lot to take in but we can help you so do not get worried.


"We" are TDB Computing, based in the UK.

We have been programming computing for rather more years that we care to mention, and it has led us on an incredible journey as the Internet and computing has developed.

Naturally in our long life of computing we have amassed a rather large expertise in all sorts of disciplines, but one of our main principles is we learn to do it thoroughly and also we do nearly everything in house.

Logos, artwork, videos - the lot.

It has aided us enormously with helping clients.

We have also developed a whole range of programs using the latest tools. Please visit some of our sites.

latest news from White Label Central
Members Pages 08 Jan, 2021 We have added the ability to show member's pages without the link
Blog 05 Nov, 2020 We have now included a fully featured blog.
Carousels 05 Nov, 2020 simple carousels have been added
Uploads 31 Aug, 2020 The site can now upload to a public area any of 53 file types. We also have shown both a standard link and a short link for use.
Maintenance Mode Added 21 Jul, 2020 We have added a maintenance mode that is accessed from the dashboard.
Top Menu now full width or not 30 Mar, 2020 Full width top menu or not - the choice is yours!
Some Changes to the Admin Area 26 Mar, 2020 There have been some changes to the admin area.
Repeating Whats On Events 13 Feb, 2020 We have added the ability to have a Whats On Event repeated.
Site Banners 02 Feb, 2020 Date sensitive site banners can be added to some or all of your pages
Change Page Background Colour 28 Jan, 2020 You can now simply change the background colour of a page.
Highlight Admin Menu Items 23 Oct, 2019 We have added the ability to highlight menu card items in the administration menu.
Sticky Footer Available 20 Oct, 2019 A sticky footer is now available. A sticky footer always remains in view at the bottom of the screen.
Menu cards can be hidden 23 Sep, 2019 Quite a few users have asked us for the ability to "hide" menu items they do not use.
Whats On and News updated 23 Sep, 2019 We have updated the news items and whats on on the front page and the pages.
Advertising Banners 16 Sep, 2019 Advertising banners with URL for connection can now be stored.
SEO Enhancements 16 Sep, 2019 Updated to automatically comply with canonical URLs
Vertical Panels for emphasis 11 Jun, 2019 The system now supports vertical panels which are useful for bringing out the main points of your site.
Open Graph (OG) Tags 09 Jun, 2019 We have added support for OG tabs for Facebook and Twitter
additional page style 09 Jun, 2019 We have added support for additional style on a page.
horizontal panels 06 Jun, 2019 pages can now have a series of horizontal panels with text and background colour
sub pages 03 Jun, 2019 We have often been asked to have the ability for a header page which has sub pages so we have added it.
classes for titles 02 Jun, 2019 we have added the ability to define style classes and download fonts from place like google fonts
form code 28 Jan, 2019 code for external forms (such as our form maker) has been added to easily include a form on a page
Extra items on pages to help with SEO 28 Jan, 2019 Extra items on pages to help with SEO have been added.
Newspaper columns for the main text 28 Jan, 2019 Now you can have newspaper columns for your main text
We've added more controls 28 Jan, 2019 some new areas for pages have been added to make pages far more flexible and make it easy to insert videos etc

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