Our Latest News

As an example we have our news, but it would be yours of course

Keeping your customers up to date with what you do is very important, so these snippets of news can be extremely helpful.

Items are shown in reverse order (ie latest first) and there is simply a form you fill in with your news detail - just like any other page.

And of course you can decide if they are active or inactive.

So the idea is you have a snippet (we call it a teaser) and more information available when the user clicks.

Just like any other page you can add images, fonts, colours - whatever you like and you can have some text shown before your list of news items. Or a video or something. To be honest whatever you want.

Then you decide if it is to be a single colum or spaced out over 2 columns newspaper-style. Like this one.

You can also choose the number of items that will be shown - both here and on the home page. And of course the background colour.

We really recommend that you have some news on your front page as it shows your people and the dear search engines that things are changing.


Latest News

Advertising Banners
16 Sep, 2019
Advertising banners with URL for connection can now be stored.
SEO Enhancements
16 Sep, 2019
Updated to automatically comply with canonical URLs
Vertical Panels for emphasis
11 Jun, 2019
The system now supports vertical panels which are useful for bringing out the main points of your site.
Open Graph (OG) Tags
09 Jun, 2019
We have added support for OG tabs for Facebook and Twitter
additional page style
09 Jun, 2019
We have added support for additional style on a page.
horizontal panels
06 Jun, 2019
pages can now have a series of horizontal panels with text and background colour
sub pages
03 Jun, 2019
We have often been asked to have the ability for a header page which has sub pages so we have added it.
classes for titles
02 Jun, 2019
we have added the ability to define style classes and download fonts from place like google fonts
form code
28 Jan, 2019
code for external forms (such as our form maker) has been added to easily include a form on a page
Extra items on pages to help with SEO
28 Jan, 2019
Extra items on pages to help with SEO have been added.
Newspaper columns for the main text
28 Jan, 2019
Now you can have newspaper columns for your main text
We've added more controls
28 Jan, 2019
some new areas for pages have been added to make pages far more flexible and make it easy to insert videos etc