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We have some great other products - and we are always adding!

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No programmer enjoys writing forms so we have made it easy - even if you are not a programmer.

Actually even if you do not know html. And you can easily put multiple conditional items (for example make the button shaded unless somethis is ticked), decide how things happen after the form is submitted, how the form looks.

It is completely designed by you - without needing to know anything about programming. And when you are ready simply copy a few lines of code and place it in your page. It is all then done for you.


Visit our dedicated site - https://tdbforms.com - and be amazed!


CMS (contact management system) is one of those areas that should be at the top of every businesses purchase, but frequetly it is forgotten.

Worse still businesses sign up to a system that is wildy complex, expensive and quite honestly not really fit for purpose.

This lead us on a quest to for a crm (customer relations management) so we can handle our clients efficiently and courteously.

Needless to say we could not find one that was reasonably priced and did what it said on the tin.

We saw the usual pricing tie - so much a month - ranging from $20 to $300 per month - far too much for what was wanted.

So we have our own. Look at the thumbs below and you will see what we mean.

Want more details? Contact us and we will give you access to a demo online.

Ours handles everything from customer requests, sales contacts and much more.

And it is very easy to use and has all the facilities of incredibly expensive programs. It is written using the latest technology.



visit TDB CMS

TDB Newsletter

A really good newsletter program is vital to any business - and we think we have one of the best.

It is entirely contained - we do not use external services - so there is no danger of email addresses being sold or rogue adverts appearing.

We have the ability to generate you own templates and see who is opening the emails pplus many other facilties.

And of course detailed list management is included with all the facilities you would expect from a prime professional program.





visit TDBNewsletter



Over the years we have written many programs and utilities and it has got to the point where we have forgotton what we have written, so we are putting them all together in one website.  A sort of virtual potting shed.

Nearly all of our clients have access to all these tools for free, and some we have just given access to anyone. Here you will find (and we are always adding):

    Photo Finder
    Form Building
    Simple Banner Maker
    Site Worth
    SEO Suite
    Interactive Maps
    Bootstrap Buttons
    Video Search
    Web Layout Generator


visit tdbtools


TDB Shop

Coming very soon!

We have been asked to look at shop software, and quite honestly we have found a considerable amount on the market sadly lacking.

We are nearing the end of our shop software - we are in the testing phase - which will have all the facilities of extremely expensive software plus some other features they have not considered!

If you want to be informed of our progress simply drop an email to shop@tdbcomputing.com and we will make sure you know when it is available.


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