Nearly every business, organisation or whatever has a service.

You may be a builder and want to put your specialities on the site such as

  • loft conversion
  • foundation work

and so on.

Or a charity that wants to offer something like

  • counselling
  • mediation
  • consultancy

The list is endless, so here you can define them and each item you define - again with a simple form - gets it own page and appears in the drop down menu.

You can have as meny or as few as you like.

Of course you can turn them on or off (or to be technical active or inactive) which is useful if you are working on a page and do not want to show your writings to the world until it is finished.

You can change the order they appear in the drop down of course.

And if you do not like name "services" you can easily change it.

May be even have a form on a page with "request a service" or "contact us about this service." It is all very flexible.

Don't want services? Just untick the page's box and it will become inactive so it will not be seen on your public site.

Services automatically appear on the top menu as a drop down (rather like this menu) and of course you can change the order as required.



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