So How Does It Work?

don't worry it is simple...

Tell a page what is it's menu name, it's heading, a sub heading (if you want one) choose some colours and that is all the hard stuff out of the way.

OK let's make it easy and show you how we made this page.

We started with a menu name:

Then we chose a heading and a sub heading:

The colours are easy as when you click in the box a colour picker pops up

and of course we want out heading image which is again just a matter of choosing from the pictures on your computer:

and we also decide if the page is active or not (so you can work on something without the public seeing it):

Now we come to the "meat" of the page which is just like any other word processor:

As you will see from the menu bar it has all the facilities you would expect:

and that is the page done really.

But I hear you say what about the order they appear. Simple. No one ever adds the pages in the right order.

On the page that shows you the pages you see them in the order the public will see them.

Obviously we want the Contact Us page at the end so we select the sort page order button

and you will be able to drag around the pages to the order you require:

we put the contact us at the bottom so all we have to do is click the button

and it is done and the correct order is shown

It really is that simple.

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