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Letting people know what you clients think is really important so here you can have some testimonials.

Again they are simple to add and edit and just appear nicely formatted for you. The computer does the work. You can also add a form (with us you get a free access to our easy to use form builder) so you can receive testimonials and if you want put them in your site.

These are genuine testimonials!



Trustee Annas Fund
We are a small UK charity with the aim of making certain all of our donations go straight to the cause - education and homing the poor in India. Naturally we are approached by agencies quoting us nonsense way outside our price range and we are really happy with our very small investment which gave us the presence and ability to show what we do.

The fact that we can add and amend at will without talking to programmers is amazing. As totally untrained and computer-phobic people we have set up galleries, contact forms and even a newsletter.

The support of the company has been brilliant. Not only can we ask them anything, but they have donated web space and set up and amend emails for us.

We would really recommend this to charities everywhere - large or small.

Licensee Castle Inn Colchester
When I took over this bar I took over a website run by an agency that quite honestly was terrible. There were old pictures and the presentation was poor. It did nothing to promote my business. Luckily one of the developers calls in to my bar and I bought this system and have never looked back. I have added (and changed!) the menus, developed a thriving "Whats On" area and with TDB Forms I get enquiries for venue hire etc. It has certainly been a major contributor to increased success of my business and I highly recommend it.
Co-owner Glittering Passion
When my wife and I decided recently to dip our toes into the world of online marketing and sales I was nervous. I had tried so many of the online building programs but never really got anywhere.

Luckily I knew one of the developers and he showed me how easy it would be to develop my site. He sat down with me for about 30 minutes and I saw that this was the exact system I have been hunting.

Once we finish sourcing our products our shop and site will be open to the world.

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